Our Strength

It’s not about working for any Storm Lead Call Center it’s about working for the best.

Our Company has been in Business for 11 years.


  • Full Aguinaldo and IMSS / Infonavit
  • We give you a raise every 6 months
  • Future Promotion opportunities
  • Paycheck increases every year with more sales and areas to call 

Why are we different?

Simple Math: work for the rest, close 1-4 Leads per day. Work for us, close 5-20 per day.

Our areas are easier  to get leads in.

We don't just call big mansion homes. We call all home values and of course lower value homes are easier to get.

We are the first storm lead company in Mexico!

We call new hot storms right away.. New Storms equals more money.

When areas slows down, we stop calling it and move on to an easier place to get leads in.

We work hot areas 12 months out of the year. Make great money every day, not just 8 months

Our Vision

The Leverage In Our company will give you the edge in the Industry to dominate daily